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A Foster Home is a temporary home for a dog until you or our organization finds a permanent home.   A Foster Home is a temporary home for a dog until you or our organization finds a permanent home. Thank you for offering to become a foster home for our organization! To be considered as a foster home, you must:
  • If you rent your home you must have consent from your landlord to have a dog.
  • Have all dogs and cats in the home spayed or neutered, if they are 6 months or older, unless there are medical reasons for not doing so.
  • Have all dogs in the home up to date on vaccinations.
  • Agree to have a home visit
  • Agree to never allow the foster dog to be off leash when it is outdoors, unless it is in a securely fenced in area.
  • Agree to have the foster dog reside in the home, not outside. The foster dog may NOT be left outdoors if you are not at home.
  • Agree to keep foster dog away from personal pets if they do not get along.
  • Agree to never allow foster dog to be left unattended with young children.
  • Agree to place a “pet ID tag” or “adoption” vest on the pet while in public (this will be provided by The Pit Bull Crew Dog Rescue).
  Please complete the below foster home application to begin the foster home approval process. Upon receipt of your application, The Pit Bull Crew Dog Rescue coordinator(s) will review your application. After an application is approved a home visit is done. Please answer all questions. If one does not apply, please put in n/a. 

Name: *
Address: *
Phone: *
Alt. Phone:
E-mail: *
Date: *
Are you a full time Florida resident: *
If no, what other state do you reside in?
Have you ever been charged with or convicted of animal abuse, neglect, or cruelty? *
If yes, explain:
If other living arrangement explain:
Do you: *
If you rent, provide Landlord's information:
How many adults are there living in the home where this pet will be? *
How many children?
Do you live in an association/HOA? If so, do you have breed or weight restrictions?
Do you have a backyard? *
If yes, is it fenced on all sides?
Height of fence:
Have you fostered for a shelter or rescue in the past? *
If yes, who:
Will someone be home during the day with this pet? *
How many hours each day will this pet left alone? *
What sort of training do you plan/are willing to provide for this pet? (crate training, obedience class, etc.) *
How do you plan to exercise this pet? *
If fostering a dog, will he/she be kept *
If other, explain:
Will you need food to be provided by the rescue? *
Are you aware of the importance of monthly heart worm preventatives and flea/tick meds? *
Do you currently have pets? *

If yes:

Pet 1:
Pet 2:
Spayed/Neutered ?
Pet 3:
Spayed/Neutered ?
Have you had pets in the past? *
If so, What happened to them?
Have you ever turned a pet into a shelter? *
If yes, please explain: *
Have you ever had a pet euthanized? *
If yes, please explain :
Veterinarian’s Name: *
Veterinarian’s Address: *
Veterinarian’s Phone: *
Name and type of animal registered with this clinic: *

ThePit Bull Crew Dog Rescue reserves the right to reject any application. Applicant, by signing below, gives permission for a representative of TPBCDR to contact vet references and landlord (if applicable) provided on this form, and make a home visit prior to releasing an animal. THE PIT BULL CREW DOG RESCUE, IT’S AFFILIATES AND OFFICERS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR VET BILLS OR OTHERWISE, PERTAINING TO ANY INCIDENTS OCCURING FROM OR TO THE FOSTER DOG OR PERSONAL PETS WHILE IN THE CARE OF THE FOSTER FAMILY.   (Including but not limited to: Fights within the pack, chewing, digging, escaping, destruction of property, etc.) 

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